Say No to Windmill Green

Appeal decision: Inspector approves "Windmill Green" application

Sadly the Inspector has decided that the objections of hundreds of local people are not enough and has overturned the Council’s refusal of the “Windmill Green” planning application. Barratts will now be able to build 220 homes plus offices and a shop on the fields next to Park Farm.

Your local Focus team is appalled at this decision, which suggests local opposition and local needs count for nothing against Government demands for thousands of new homes to be built. We have raised the issue of how South Gloucestershire Council's handling of large scale applications could be improved with those currently running the Council. We don’t want this community or any other in South Gloucestershire to suffer in this way in future.

Thank you again to everyone who helped the fight against this development.

Update: A very big thank you to everyone who signed the petition, which was handed in on the first day of the inquiry.

We are also very grateful to all those who were able to make the trip to The Ship in Alveston and those who helped to make the case against the proposals for 220 houses, a store and offices at Park Farm. It was important to let the Inspector know the impact that they would have on our residents and local community.

Claire Young gave the Inspector an overview of the comments you made when signing the petition and shared other concerns that had been raised with her. Dave Hockey reported on the two surveys which have been done in our villages, both of which clearly indicate that further large development would be unwelcome to the vast majority of local residents. He also described the flooding and sewage problems, supplying the Inspector with photographs to illustrate them.

Pat Hockey enlarged on the objections raised by Frampton Cotterell Parish Council after listening to all the local people who turned up when it was considering the planning application. She gave the Inspector copies of the bus timetables to show how difficult it would be for people to get to work without adding to the traffic jams. She also included copies of our Village Design Statement and our Heritage Walks booklet to show how much we value our villages and our countryside.

Sadly for those who sat through three days of listening to a very aggressive Barrister attacking the Officers from South Gloucestershire Council who were defending their refusal reasons, it was a very depressing experience. If the Inspector dismisses this appeal it will be because she didn’t just listen to the professionals. She will have listened to how local people feel about the proposals from local people themselves!

There is now likely to be a long wait before we hear the Inspector's decision. We will of course update you when that happens. 

In 2008, Barratts Homes applied to build 220 houses and flats, offices and a shop on the green fields next to Park Farm, Frampton Cotterell. Following a strong campaign from residents and local Councillors, South Gloucestershire Council turned down the application, but Barratts have appealed.

The inquiry will be held in The Ship, Alveston, starting on 20th October. Pat Hockey will be representing Frampton Cotterell Parish Council. 

It's vital that the planning inspector knows how strongly local people feel. Please sign our petition below and if you are free, then why not attend the public inquiry.

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