Mike Hancock, MP for Portsmouth South and a member of the Select Defence Committee  has revealed that Privates and Able Seamen get paid less than people stacking shelves in supermarkets. Research by the MP shows that they could be earning 63p an hour more stocking shops.

Now Portsmouth Liberal Democrats and Mike Hancock,  MP has launched a petition calling for better pay for those in the armed services. They believe Privates or Able Seaman should be paid the same as newly qualified police constables or firefighters.

Mike Hancock said: “Our armed forces do a tremendous job for this country – potentially putting their lives on the line as we have seen unfortunately and so tragically recently in Afghanistan. Please support my petition
I/We, recognise the outstanding job our armed service personnel due for this country and call on the Government to give them a better deal and pay them as a minimum, in line with police constables and firefighters and not as the moment, as with many new qualified privates and able seaman, less than people stacking shelves in supermarkets.
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