The campaign against Ding Quarry is a NON-POLITICAL campaign, supported by various groups in Rochdale. 


Please don't forget the Public Meeting on this Wednesday at 7pm at Spotland Stadium.  Campaigners have written to 3,000 residents affected so attendance is likely to be high.

"This site is designed to support the campaign against reopening Ding Quarry.  On here you will find latest news and Links to our local media who are also campaigning against the quarry.  You can download a copy of our poster, leaflets and download paper copies of our petition.  Please tell your friends to sign up to our campaign."

Paul Rowen MP with Councillors Barbara Todd, Greg Couzens and Peter Clegg.

In August 1995 residents led by hundreds of local residents and hugely popular former Liberal Councillor Norman Smith and the then Leader of our Council - Paul Rowen (Now MP) fought to stop developers from reopening Ding Quarry. There were blockades, protests and a huge march, amid fears of the effect of heavy lorries constantly travelling to and from the site along Rooley Moor Road. Residents feared a threat to road safety, traffic chaos, noise and there were concerns over the scenery and an ancient road at Lanehead being ruined. The pressure paid off in January 1996 when Rochdale Council's environment committee ruled that, in its opinion, the quarry had been dormant and the company, if it wanted to work there, would have to introduce stringent working conditions agreed by the council.

Now the fight is back on - An application has been lodged to reopen the quarry by DP Williams.

"It’s a case of Déjà Vu" says Local Councillor Barbara Todd, who is working with Paul Rowen MP and local Councillors Greg Couzens and Peter Clegg.  Paul Rowen MP, a veteran of the campaign over 10 years ago said, "We have fought before and we’ll do so again. This would be a disaster for local people - It was wrong in 1995 and it is wrong today."

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Former Councillor Stott feels the long arm of the law.
Former Councillor Stott feels the long arm of the law.
The people of Brotherod come together 12 years ago.
The people of Brotherod come together 12 years ago.
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